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MDM March-April 2012

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MDM Notes from the Underground (Course Summary 25/04/11)

March-April 2011 MDM Freestyle Rap by Otto Didactic (22/04/11) [mp3]

MDM Proverbs

I used to have a mechanism here for recording MDM proverbs, but I find that FB is a much better place to aggregate them. If you have any proverbs, please start a thread on the CRAP page. (By not doing it myself, I'll see if anyone is reading this. :) 

Recall that one from 2008 illustrating the Disposition Effect: "Stocks are like men: you tend to hold onto the losers." 

Some Suggested Readings

Concern for Truth: What it Means, Why it Matters by Susan Haack

My main book recommendation for now is On Acting by Sanfor Meisner. I think that we could all benefit from learning a bit more about what clever theater people have learned about performance. No matter what you do, you'll be better off -- I believe -- if you can improve your performance (in meetings, in the bar -- in life). Authenticity! Read the book, get interested, and then sign up for a few classes to have some fun on the weekends.   

Final Projects

*Some others are videos posted in FB. Those can be accessed on the CRAP page. Same for others materials that were developed for the Final Project.  

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